Ivo Zandhuis Research & Consultancy

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Ivo Zandhuis • Rijksstraatweg 79 • NL - 2024 DB Haarlem • The Netherlands • ivo@zandhuis.nl

ICT Consultancy for cultural heritage

Cultural information digitally available

Cultural information is made available by - among others:

  • archives,
  • museums,
  • libraries and
  • archeologists.

The public expects this type of information to be available on the WWW. And dispite the differences between the various disciplines preferably in one location. That way unsuspected connections can be found, without coincidence or cumbersome manual work.

Assistance by a specialist

To develop information systems facilitating the accessibility and processibility of cultural information there is need for someone with affinity with, education for and experience in this special field. I can provide in this need.

That clarifies matters!

The purpose of my contribution to a project is a thorough understanding of the chosen solution by all stakeholders. Of course by providing a clear report of the analysis and specifications, but also by verbal explanation. That clarifies matters!

Please feel free to contact me - without any obligations.



November 15th, 2006:

Termination of employement at IISH.

September 2006:

Member of userscommittee of NWO-research program CATCH/SCRATCH.